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Custom Rocket Tube Machining

Welcome to AG-71 Machining....High quality rocket motor tubes. We manufacture all the rocket motor tubes for Gorilla Rocket Motors. Our machine shop can manufacture motors from a one grain 38mm motor to a 6 grain 75mm motor and anything in between. We purchase our high grade 6061-T6 drawn over mandrel aluminum tubing with 1/2 mil spec tolerences directly from the mill and not extruded pipe from the local metal supermarket. We only manufacture the tubes and do not anodize them. We do not manufacture nozzles or forward closures. We also sell the raw aluminum tubing for those who wish make their own motors. Just email us with your motor dimensions and we will get back to you.

Special on 38mm, 54mm, and 75mm Research Aluminum Cases     

The cost is $1.00 per inch for 38mm tubing, $2.75 per inch for 54mm tubing, and $3.75 per inch for 75mm tubing plus S/H. This price includes all 3 grooves (2 internal and 1 external) cut and is NOT annodized. Just specify the length. This is DOM (drawn over mandrel) 6061-T6 aluminum and NOT extruded pipe. ie for a 38/390 which is 9.80" costs only $9.80 as compared to a 38/390 that costs $50.00. Just email us with what you need and we will get back to you.

Power Adapter for Sinclair/Wilson Ultimate Trimmer     

This is a power adapter for the Wilson/Sinclair Ultimate Trimmer. Great trimmer but after a while your hands get tired of turning that little handle. Solution. Remove the handle, screw on the stainless steel power adapter, and connect to most any hand drill. Makes trimming brass a breeze. Works on both the Ultimate trimmer and the 50 BMG Ultimate trimmer. $15 each or $25 for two. Just email us with what you need and we will get back to you.

Aluminum Tubing

Drawn aluminum tubing size (1/2 mil tolerence) (raw tubing only)

Price per foot

75mm (2.985" OD x 2.753" ID x 0.116" wall)
54mm (2.126" OD x 1.939" ID x 0.094" wall)
Cuts (first cut is free)
$1 per cut

AG-71 Machining - Gary White

Last updated on January 20, 2014