Gorilla Rocket Motors (GRM) was founded in 2003 by Dr James (Jim) M Harris Jr, who holds a PhD in Bio-Chemistry and MS degrees in Electrical & Aeronautical Engineering.

After initially formulating some solid propellant for personal use in 2002, fellow enthusiasts were amazed at the quality and encouraged Jim to manufacture motors commercially.

Today, GRM develops and manufactures solid rocket propellant and since its inception, GRM has developed some highly sought after propellant all around the world, notably ‘White Cloud’ and ‘Black Lightning’ formulas.

Red Twister, Green Tornado and White Cloud were the first formulas, later followed by Black Lightning (sparky). It wasn’t until 2012 that Blue Typhoon made its debut which is a highly energetic formulation. With the initial intention to only make 54mm and 75mm motors, by 2007, a range of 38mm and 98mm motors were now being produced.

In 2010, GRM developed and static fired a series of 300mm (12”) x 1829mm (6’) motors which have since been used in undisclosed commercial projects.

In 2013, GRM engineered a new 152mm (6″) rocket motor that removed the boundaries for shipping, by allowing motors to be transported as explosives classification 1.4. This new method saved end users literally thousands of dollars in freight. No other motors in this size can be shipped this way.

2017 sees a new era in GRM under new ownership. Jim remains an integral part of the GRM team as he continues to develop even larger motors and new formulas to be released soon, however is taking some hard earned relaxation time.