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Compatibility of Gorilla hardware and classic AMW hardware.

         About 4 years ago Paul Robinson and I had a discussion about cross compatibility of our hardware. Since AMW was the defacto standard in snap ring hardware I agreed to use the same specifications of drawn aluminum tubing (1/2 mil spec tolerence) that AMW used. The dimensions (length, placement of internal snap ring grooves, and outer thrust ring grooves) of Gorilla aluminum cases are identical to the AMW aluminum cases. The differences in the total hardware package are listed below.


         All 38mm hardware (cases and nozzles) is identical to AMW hardware with the exception of the forward closure (slightly different).


         All 54mm hardware (cases only and 2550 forward closure) is identical to AMW hardware with the exception of the nozzles (slightly different) and forward closures (slightly different).


         All 75mm hardware (cases and nozzles) is identical to AMW hardware with the exception of the forward closures (slightly different).


         All 98mm hardware (case and nozzle) is identical to AMW hardware with the exception of the forward closure (slightly different).

Letter from Paul Holmes (Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing) on Gorilla/AMW cross certification

To All, Upon formal request from two manufacturers and with a comprehensive study of all documentation, we have decided to grant full cross hardware certification for Gorilla Rocket Motors and limited cross hardware certification for Loki Research to be used in AMW standard specification cases.

The major point to this action is the recognition of the Animal Motor Works (tm) hardware, as specified from or about 2004, as a 'STANDARD'. This action is not without precedent as this closely matches the RMS 'standard' design of hardware, certified many years ago. The one difference to this action is it is considered strictly "non-cooperative" in that AMW is not, at this time, a "first hand" party to this action, hence our designation of this as a "Non-Cooperative" certification. This is commensurate to the 2004 certification of CTI reloads in RMS hardware. As such, if either of these two manufacturers provide and promote a reload for a motor utilizing AMW manufactured/sanctioned parts, that manufacturer is solely responsible for the use and continued suitability of that use, as well as warranty actions.

The following specifications are to be used to determine a valid member of "AMW Case Family" hardware and its suitability to be used in this capacity.

1. 38mm: 1.310" ID x 0.095" wall x 1.500" OD

38/390: 9.80" long

38/640: 14.55" long

2. 54mm: 1.939" ID x 0.093" wall x 2.125" OD

54/1050: 12.85" long

54/1400: 15.85" long

54/1750: 19.35" long

54/2550: 28.66" long

3. 75mm: 2.753" ID x 0.116" wall x 2.985" OD

75/3500: 19.60" long

75/6000: 30.90" long

75/7600: 40.90" long

All AMW case family hardware is to match the Mil Spec produced tubing and Mil Spec class 3 finishing, as set out by the original designer and as originally certified, and is only currently approved for supply/manufacture by Animal Motor Works and Gorilla Rocket Motors (at this time). Any changes in either manufacturer's cases or closures will freeze this certification to an immediate "before date" classification for that part. Any additional hardware sizes to be added to this list will be processed upon official request and after the required study/testing.

The specific details of the cross certifications granted, at this time, are as follows, by manufacturer.

Gorilla Rocket Motors

As Gorilla Rocket Motors was based directly upon the AMW hardware set, as being both raw material sourced and machined in one of the many authorized shops used for this line, the specifications are considered identical. Due to this fact and as long as that continues, Gorilla Rocket Motors is granted full non-cooperative cross certification and the following four (4) points apply:

1. Gorilla Reloads are fully compatible in AMW case family hardware to include mixing and matching the forward closures as long as they are the flat 'hockey puck' profile AND it matches the reload requirements/instructions. If the Gorilla 54MM "delay column style" smoke charge is used, only the Gorilla forward closure is authorized.

2. AMW reloads may be used in Gorilla Hardware BUT any hardware issues with an AMW reload in a Gorilla case/hardware will be resolved by Gorilla as the 'manufacturer' as they are (with the flyer), the responsible party in this action. Gorilla shall notify this office and the flyers if and when they wish to invalidate this clause.

3. Great care needs to be taken by the flyer to utilize the correct nozzle as specified in the reload instructions. Gorilla will continue to insure they clearly indicate their nozzle requirements by reload AND case in the required instructions.

4. Any bilateral changes in hardware specs, to invalidate this design similarity will require Gorilla to immediately notify this office and any and all possible users.

In closing, this office understands there will be those that may consider this action, during a time of unfortunate loss at Animal Motor Works, as predatory. I assure the members this action has been in study and development by both manufacturers for a few years and was not precipitated by that loss although the timing for the continued pursuit of this action is strictly theirs. There had been ongoing contact by these manufacturers with AMW personnel, for a few years now, for an official cooperative standard, but that was never achieved. When the situation at Animal Motor Works is settled, we urge these manufacturers to continue discussion towards making this a cooperative universal hardware standard.

H. Paul Holmes

Chairman, Tripoli Motor Testing

Last updated on December 1, 2011

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